Psychological Care

Menudos Corazones organises parents’ meetings in hospitals; a chance for expression, reflection and learning about the disease with the aim of exchanging and sharing experiences, feelings, behaviours, etc.


At the hospital, they suggested we go to the Menudos Corazones meetings and I took the advice. I went to one on one afternoon and, although I cried, I came away very encouraged. I heard other stories like ours and met wonderful people with great heart. Some mums and dads gave me great strength. I hope I know how to deal with it as well as they do!

Psychologists also monitor in the hospitals with individual attention by visiting families in rooms on the ward, in the ICU or Neonatology.

I will never forget the waiting in the corridors when they had taken Alejandro into the operating theatre to give him his transplant. The foundation’s psychologist was with me, pacing the hospital corridors, as my nerves were all on edge while I waited for a plane to bring his daddy and grandparents from Granada. Thank you, I will never forget it, you know how to respond at the toughest times and to bring great peace.