About us

The Fundación Menudos Corazones is a non-profit-making organisation whose mission is to carry out programmes and activities necessary to improve the quality of life of children and young people with congenital heart defects and their families. With professionalism and approachability, Menudos Corazones accompanies and supports you in those sometimes complicated situations that arise when you have a child with a heart defect.


Since 2003, Menudos Corazones has had the legal status of a foundation, but its work began as a federation in 2001, bringing together the efforts of several parents’ associations which acted in Spain’s autonomous regions.


Menudos Corazones is registered with the company tax code (CIF) of G-83758151 and is a member of the following organisations:


European Congenital Heart Disease Organisation (ECHDO)

Federación Española de Enfermedades Raras (FEDER) [Spanish Rare Diseases Federation]

European Rare Diseases Organisation (EURORDIS)

Asociación Española de Fundaciones (AEF) [Spanish Association of Foundations]

International Alliance of Patients’ Organizations (IAPO)

Plataforma de Organizaciones de Infancia (POI) [Infant Organisations Platform]

Fundación Española del Corazón [Spanish Heart Foundation]

-Coalición de Ciudadanos con Enfermedades Crónicas [Coalition of Citizens Chronic Diseases]