Free Accommodation

Hospitalisation of a child away from where you live, as well as being a psychological strain, produces an economic strain that can be difficult to take. In this situation, help from government is minimal. Menudos Corazones’s home made the difficulties much more bearable.
Pilar, Valladolid, Spain

If your family needs to come to Madrid for your child with a congenital heart defect to receive treatment or surgery, Menudos Corazones offers you Free Accommodation.
For this, it has three therapeutic apartments and three bedrooms in the NH Alcalá Hotel, assigned under agreement by Grupo NH Hoteles.

The resources available have increased over the years and we now offer free accommodation to 13 families at the same time.

Menudos Corazones offered us their full support, all their solidarity. Throughout that long and agonising time, thanks to an agreement with the prestigious hotel chain, they put us up in the NH hotel on the Paseo de la Castellana avenue, making the wait less bitter, the stay easier and the situation more bearable, far from our home in Manzanares, while we went through so much pain and uncertainty over Beatriz’s health. The NH hotel was our home. A warm and welcoming place, wonderfully attended by their staff..
Rosa, (Manzanares – Ciudad Real), Spain